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From time to time, North Brentwood and/or one of its citizens is featured online, in print or on TV. 


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Maryland Today

Uncovering a Pioneering Town’s Hidden History

Student Excavation Project Offers Clues to Daily Life in PG County’s Oldest Black Community 
With each shovel of dirt, students from the Univ. of Maryland hope to piece together a chronicle of the Henry Randall House, the first residence built in one of the state’s oldest Black incorporated towns, and with it, capture more than a century of life marked by emancipation, Jim Crow and the civil rights movement.

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Southern Maryland News

MD Black Mayors Take on Stormwater Drainage to Protect Bay

Photo feature: Jacqueline Goodall (left) President of Maryland Black Mayors [and current North Brentwood Town Manager], and Petrella Robinson (right), Mayor of North Brentwood, discuss how MBM and the Town will use a NFWF grant to curb ongoing flooding issues.

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March on Washington: Maryland City Councilman Hopes to Inspire Daughter with March for Unity

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The Hyattsville Wire

The Untold Story Behind a Metal Barrier in North Brentwood

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Essence Magazine

ESSENCE Presents 2018's 'Woke 100 Women' List To Highlight Black Women Change-Agents

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The Washington Post

Real Estate: For a historic African American town in Prince George’s, tradition and change

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Route One Fun

Local Tourist: Sis’ Tavern / Baby Dee’s & Duke Ellington in North Brentwood, MD

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National Public Radio

The Kojo Nnamdi Show: What Gentrification Means for DC’s Artists

Mentions North Brentwood, as part of Gateway Arts District, an affordable alternative for DC artisans.


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