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Town of North Brentwood: Staff

Our knowledgeable office staff works diligently on behalf of North Brentwood's citizens. Their efforts behind the scenes make it all happen: events such as Town Meetings, our monthly newsletter, and all of the municipal services upon which we depend... and so much more.

Jacqueline Goodall, Circuit Rider Town Manager, North Brentwood, MD

Jacqueline Goodall

Circuit Rider Town Manager

Jacqueline manages many programs such as the Green Team and urban planning.
She is Forest Heights' former Mayor, and has a degree in Urban Development/Planning.

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Carl Jones, Town Clerk, North Brentwood, MD

Carl Jones

Town Clerk

Carl handles the Mayor's   administrative needs and supervises the Assistant Town Clerk. In 2019, the Mayor gave  Carl a commendation for his outstanding work for the Town.

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Shelley Dorsey, Treasurer, Town of North Brentwood, MD

Shelley Dorsey


Shelley administers our budget and handles AP/AR. She is also Brentwood's Treasurer. Shelley is a graduate of UofM's Academy for Excellence in Local Governance.

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Cristian Ortiz, Assistant Town Clerk, North Brentwood, MD

Cristian Ortiz

Assistant Town Clerk

Cristian provides admin support and is the Newswire editor. He's on the PG County Municipal Affairs Advisory Board, and is the former Community Outreach Specialist for Colmar Manor.

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Martha Cuffie, Code Enforcement Officer, Town of North Brentwood, MD

Martha F. Cuffie

Code Enforcement Officer

Martha enforces the Town's zoning codes and ordinances, as well as compliance for  Council resolutions. She is also Vice President of the North Brentwood Civic Association.

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