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Mosquito Spray Schedule

North Brentwood will be sprayed with mosquito repellent on June 21, July 12, August 23, and August 24.

The primary goal of the Maryland Department of Agriculture’s (MDA) Mosquito Control Program is to prevent mosquito-borne diseases in humans, pets and domestic livestock.

Different types of mosquitoes can carry and transmit different diseases; the methods for combating one
species can differ from how the department combats another. While not all mosquitoes carry diseases, the MDA suggests residents take precautions to minimize exposure to mosquito bites.

These measures include:

- Wear long, loose-fitting, light-colored clothing
- Wear insect repellents according to product labels
- Avoid mosquito-infested areas during prime periods of activity (between dusk and dawn)
- Install, inspect and repair window and door screens in homes and stables
- Clean bowls for pet food and water regularly

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